Case Study: Vendor Partner Vs. Supplier

Standing out as a supplier in the promotional products industry can be quite difficult, considering there are so many suppliers vying for their share of the distributor pie.

It is for this reason that the Diamond Cosmetics team focuses on partnership over supply.  The way we see it, distributors need to know that their suppliers are looking out for their best interests, and not just trying to get a sale.  We at Diamond Cosmetics do just that.

We choose to engage with our distributors in order to better understand their needs and the needs of their clients. Having been in the promotional business for over 10 years, we have a comprehensive understanding of how our distributors can better promote our products to their customers, and increase sales.

For our suppliers, we have designed a very user friendly website where they have access to filter through products to find exactly what they’re looking for. Whether they’re looking for nail polish, lipsticks, glosses, or eyeliner, we have our full color chart accessible on our website to ease the process. As a vendor partner, we understand that the more readily available information there is for our customers, the more beneficial it is for them.

In our mission to be a vendor partner rather than a supplier, we also offer a Distributor Sales Tool section on our website. Within this tool section, vendors have access to create sales flyers with our template to further promote the products they have chosen. Along with the sales flyers, we also organize and update our promotional calendars periodically so our vendors are aware of upcoming events and dates. We have also taken the time to create a catalogue for our vendors that highlight and show a virtual image of the components and packaging we offer with pricing and quantity options to assist in their decision making process.

Along with our website, we offer free virtual and physical samples of the products our customers are interested in ordering. This helps them visualize how their promotional logos will look on the products as well as reassuring them of the quality before having to place an order. We look to be as transparent as possible with our customers to give them the guidance and reassurance they need.

Lastly, we want to provide our customers with the best quality products along with the newest innovations in the market. Within our company, we have a sales team that attends tradeshows within the country as well as internationally to find the newest product components such as bottles, caps, and packaging to bring to our customers. We also have a product development team focused on bringing in new colors forecasted to be on trend months in advance. We are always striving to be the best partners to our vendors.

Our phone lines and email inboxes are always open, so always feel free to ask questions, as we are always excited to answer!

XO, Your Diamond Cosmetics Team

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