Using Pantone’s Greenery as a Marketing tool

Color is a vital part of the marketing experience, each shade evoking different emotions. Every year, Pantone picks what they call a “color of the year”, meant to embody the feelings of the general population. This is not a color picked at random. Color analysts carefully watch the actions of the population. Over the past year they have seen an increase in the populations use of this color, whether they have purchased, shared, worn, or been talking about it. This year’s color is greenery, a shade similar to that of a newly sprouted leaf or blade of grass.  Fresh and inviting, it is a color that reflects our hope for new beginnings.

What better way to promote your business or that of your client than with the most popular and eye-catching color?  That’s what we figured so we created a Nail polish in the exact shade of Pantone’s Greenery, our #60130 Sub-Lime. This surprisingly versatile shade is used in every industry from Architecture and Home goods to Clothing and Cosmetics.

This year, make sure to take full advantage of the marketing power of this vivacious shade. 

Learn more about this color from Pantone and Business Insider.

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