Retail trends to steal

 Too often promotional items are centered around being functional rather then the style of the product. While of course the company’s logo should be highlighted, this alone is not enough. The goal should be to create a stunning product that customers WANT to take home and show their friends. So the question is, how can we create a unique, stunning and functional product? The possibilities are endless if you step out of the box you have put yourself in.


First of all, don’t be afraid to go bold! It is easy to make the “safe” choice of pink or red, and blend in with the rest of the crowd. Especially with summer right around the corner, Citrusy hues are all the rage in retail! Catch their eye with #319 Lemon Yellow Zest or #300 Raging Orange.


 Second, get the retail look and feel with custom packaging. Feel free to get creative with it! We offer organza bags, which come in a variety of sizes and hues, purse bags, and custom boxes for you to design! We can also create custom packaging; just tell a sales associate what you are looking for!

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