Don’t get stuck in a cosmetics rut!

Who’s up for a challenge?  How can you sell nail polish as a promotion?  Don’t think of it as nail polish!  Think of it as a truly unique promotional product that will have women talking about the company whose logo is on the bottle!   Present the idea of a promotion that is “Just for Women” and work with your client to determine what color(s) would work best for their purpose.  Maybe they want to match the polish to their signature company shade, to an awareness campaign, or to their new line of clothing, shoes, bathing suits, lingerie, handbags, etc.  We have close to 200 shades to choose from AND we can PMS color match for larger orders!  Whatever the brand, we can create the perfect promotion for their company. Talk to a sales associate today and request free virtual samples to assist in the sales process. 

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